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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World. Routledge (2015).
Edited by Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi M. Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, Thomas H. Reynolds.

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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World is a book that reviews topics regarding massive open online courses and open educational resources (OERs). There are several exciting new distance learning technologies emerging each year that can be used for tutoring. Massively open online courses (MOOC) are a form of distance learning technology. How can we manage issues like poor learner motivation and high dropout rates? What different business strategies are being used by institutions like Mauritania to conduct these massively open online courses? This MOOC courses book also deals with active learning solutions that can help motivate students to engage in more productive learning experiences.

Brand new gains in blended learning enable learners in all parts of the world to take classes online. There are dozens of issues that electronic educational technology organizations are struggling with in 2015 because learning technology is advancing so swiftly. Mentors and desire to gain a better understanding of how these MOOC classes can be made better. This interesting new MOOC courses book reviews pragmatic strategies which can be easily incorporated into face-to-face, blended, and online classes. To learn more please go to this MOOCs Book website.

MOOCs and Open Education Around the World
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