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Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi M. Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, & Thomas H. Reynolds (2015). MOOCs and Open Education Around the World. Routledge.

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For those who are new to this topic, MOOCs = massive open online courses. Given the possibilities presented by Massive Open Online Courses, we cannot discount the fact that MOOCs and other forms of open educational resources (OERs) are improving lives all around the world. Today many people are learning as self-directed online learners. This suggests that there is an increasing need to understand how people all around the world are implementing these new forms of distance learning. Teachers, students, governments and many other organizations want to understand these new forms of learning. How can MOOCs be improved? Recent changes in online learning have forced institutions to invent new protocols to handle assessment, accreditation, quality standards, credentialing, motivating MOOC students and many other important issues. MOOCs and Open Education Around the World responds to this increasing demand by documenting implementations of MOOCs and other open educational resources. This open education book also describes some of the hazards and learning advancements that are possible with these new kinds of distance learning. Many issues are being raised about assessment schemes, interaction possibilities, and optimal delivery formats. What are the different business models of companies which are offering MOOCs today like edX, MITx, Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity? What are the major obstacles and problems that need to be dealt with? This collection of MOOC articles and open education articles discusses useful research findings, practical teaching suggestions and distance learning recommendations. For more information please follow this link: What are MOOCs?.

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